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Fair Coiltech 2021 – Ulm (Deutschland)

Attendance at Coiltech 2022 – Ulm (Deutschland)

Alintech-Cme – Hall 2, Stand C-22

In order to expand its markets and gain greater visibility, Alintech-Cme has decided to participate in one of the best trade fair events in the world of the electric motor. Coiltech Deutschland will be held for the first time in Germany on 6/7 April 2021.

Launched in 2010 in Pordenone in Italy, the fair has become an international meeting point of the”Coil&Winding”and specifically for the producers of motors, alternators, transformers, pumps and windings in general, as well as for suppliers of machinery, materials and techniques for the production, development and maintenance of electric motors, alternators, transformers.
Alintech-Cme will have the pleasure to exhibit in Hall 2, at stand C-22. Available sales, technicians and qualified engineers will be able to best illustrate this business reality at 360.

Wrapped stators, finishing processes, assembly of single-phase and three-phase asynchronous electric motors, as well as design, prototyping and series production of synchronous motors with permanent magnets will be the main protagonists of our exhibition.

Alongside all the skills of the CME Division, will also be exposed components of high precision mechanical hardware, such as processed rotors, shafts, assemblies, machined parts, rectified, drilled, straight and helical toothing, frinature,
shooting and much more, both in the field of the electric motor and beyond.

For further deepenings about the trade fair all information is available on the organization’s website.

Enjoy the Fair!

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We will exhibite at Coiltech Deutschland!

Hall 2, Stand C-22

Serie di statori

Series of stators

motori elettrici completi

Full electric motors

Rotori con albero assieme

Rotors with linked tree

Minuteria meccanica

Toothed mechanical small parts

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