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 ALINTECH-CME, in compliance with the provisions of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, proceeds with the definition of its OWN “Quality Policy” identifying among of objectives the satisfaction of the Customer and of the market needs, committing itself to implement a Quality Management System as a tool for the improvement of its own performances. 


ALINTECH-CME has improved its market position in recent years through the acquisition of important customers and the consolidation of its Quality Management System. 

ALINTECH-CME’s strategy is based on the following principles:

  • to carry out its activity in order to aim at obtaining lasting results in order to maintain an excellent and constant relationship over time with Customers and Suppliers,
  • achieving total Customer satisfaction,
  • aiming to train the human resources that make up the production nucleus in order to increase the overall culture and create a homogeneous work group capable of communicating,
  • achieve high production efficiency results to better compete with the market,
  • reducing waste.

For this reason, ALINTECH-CME has defined policies through which to pursue global service quality.


  • We are committed to improving the skills and involvement of the company’s human resources by encouraging participation and sharing of quality objectives through education, training, supervision and effective communication.
  • A Quality Management System is considered to be the means of controlling all operations that influence product quality.
  • We are committed to implementing and enforcing a policy to reduce internal non-conformities.


  • To always achieve Customer satisfaction in terms of cost and quality.
  • To involve and retain Customers.
  • To be able to produce and supply products that meet the Customer’s expectations, whether expressed or not.
  • Minimise Customer non-conformities.
  • Ensure compliance with delivery times.


  • Quality and punctuality of supplies.
  • Value for money of supplies.
  • Flexibility.

The Management undertakes to review the Quality Management System at least once a year in order to guarantee its effectiveness and validity over time and in order to pursue continuous improvement in each of the above fields.
The Management undertakes to disseminate the Quality Policy at all company levels, sensitising and training all the personnel and disseminating the results achieved with respect to the set objectives.